Finding Silence: The Art of Meditation

You have within you a depth of peace that transcends the ups and downs of the material world. You carry that stillness with you wherever you go, and you can never lose it. But, your mind, busy and analytical as it is, can cover up your innate calm.

Picture an ocean. Your mind’s thoughts are the waves: predictably chaotic, rising and falling in a repeating pattern of highs and lows. When you’re caught in them, you get pushed and pulled.

And yet, if you dive just below the surface, you find an infinite depth of stillness. The waves are still crashing – your thoughts are still running – but they no longer affect you. You can watch them from below; from a place of peace.

Meditation helps you settle into that stillness. It’s the practice of returning to your natural state – one of unshakeable inner calm, regardless of what’s going on around you.