A Matter of Taste




A sip of Natural Wine shows you a lot about the world.

Organic grapes fermented with wild yeasts and crafted with minimal human intervention displays an honest expression of Nature. Wines from around the world - Italy, Croatia, New Zealand, Spain - give you a unique look at local culture and native soils. Wines made without added chemicals energize you with a colorful buzz, adding vigor to your perspective without negative remnants.

And of course, Natural Wine reveals the most about the drinker. Vulnerability. Energy. Passion and creativity. An honest opinion. A genuine smile.

Natural Wine is a healthful expression of soul in every way. Let’s explore its beauty.


Isabelle Legeron: Master of Wine

Becoming a Master of Wine is one of the highest distinctions in wine. In fact, there are only 383 Masters of Wine in the world today. Isabelle Legeron happens to be the only woman from France to ever earn the honor.

But Isabelle does not fit the mold of a typical Master of Wine. Her mission is not only to understand the vast complexities of global wine, but more importantly she also strives to honor the Earth and support the organic growers who grow Natural Wines.

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Shawn Bankston
The Power of Low Alcohol

2000 years ago, the famous Greek philosopher Plato was on his way to a Greek symposium.

These symposia were popular among the intellectuals of the day. The lively banquets featured decadent feasts, recitals of song and dance, philosophical conversations, and, of course, the elixir of the gods: wine.

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Shawn Bankston
Our Definitive Guide to Sparkling Wine

It’s 1693 in Champagne, northern France. Dom Pierre Pérignon, a Benedectine monk, comes rushing down to his cellar after hearing another glass explosion. It happens every so often: a wine already in bottle undergoes accidental fermentation, produces too much carbon dioxide, and causes pressure to build up, exploding the bottle.

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Shawn Bankston
Can Wine Help You Build a Stronger Gut?

Natural wine is a beautiful thing.

Simply, it’s when a wine is made with organic grapes and native yeast. Nothing is added, nothing is removed. No human intervention.

That means natural wine is alive in the bottle, full of beneficial bacteria and antioxidants. It hasn’t been filtered or chemically altered in any way.

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Shawn Bankston