A Matter of Taste




A sip of Natural Wine shows you a lot about the world.

Organic grapes fermented with wild yeasts and crafted with minimal human intervention displays an honest expression of Nature. Wines from around the world - Italy, Croatia, New Zealand, Spain - give you a unique look at local culture and native soils. Wines made without added chemicals energize you with a colorful buzz, adding vigor to your perspective without negative remnants.

And of course, Natural Wine reveals the most about the drinker. Vulnerability. Energy. Passion and creativity. An honest opinion. A genuine smile.

Natural Wine is a healthful expression of soul in every way. Let’s explore its beauty.


Isabelle Legeron: Master of Wine

Raw Wine, Berlin

Raw Wine, Berlin

Todd White, Founder of Dry Farm Wines and Isabelle Legeron, Founder of Raw Wine

Todd White, Founder of Dry Farm Wines and Isabelle Legeron, Founder of Raw Wine

Natural Wine by Isabelle Legeron. The #1 book on Natural Wine.  (available  online  and in stores)

Natural Wine by Isabelle Legeron. The #1 book on Natural Wine.

(available online and in stores)


Becoming a Master of Wine is one of the highest distinctions in wine. In fact, there are only 383 Masters of Wine in the world today. Isabelle Legeron happens to be the only woman from France to ever earn the honor.

But Isabelle does not fit the mold of a typical Master of Wine. Her mission is not only to understand the vast complexities of global wine, but more importantly she also strives to honor the Earth and support the organic growers who grow Natural Wines.

“It’s nature who’s giving us all of this,” Isabelle says. Nature provides the berries, the climate, the soil, the air. Then, the farmers gently guide them into the bottle. Isabelle believes in wine that is entirely natural, wine that is a pure reflection of its place and the families who grow it.

As she writes, “Like sailors going to sea, playing the winds and riding the waves, these winemakers understand that nature is much greater than themselves. They acknowledge that not only is it futile, but actually counterproductive, to try to control or tame her, as her magic lies in her power.”

To advance her mission, Isabelle founded RAW Wine, one of the most successful Natural Wine Fairs in the world. Held annually in New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, and Montréal, the fairs exclusively feature naturally grown wines. Dry Farm Wines is proud to attend all of these fairs around the world in our support of Isabelle and the farmers.

Isabelle knows she is different: she refers to herself as “that crazy French woman” to illustrate how rare her mission is in the wine world. She knows this wine world well: she developed wine programs at Michelin-starred restaurants, founded wine schools and wine clubs all over the world, and received numerous international awards for her work.

Isabelle does not just talk about wine; she yearns to find “wines with emotion.” She looks for wines with energy and spirit, wines that fulfill a holistic vision for a better planet. These wines have a positive impact on our health and on our environment. They express terroir, they showcase vibrant flavor, and they vibrate with emotion.

Thank you, Isabelle, for your incredible work on behalf of family farmers everywhere.
With love, The Dry Farm Wines Family

Shawn Bankston