A Matter of Taste




In South Africa, they brai, local barbeques where neighbors bring meat, veggies, and good wine to grill together. In Paris, friends gather after work for an apéro of wine and cheeses. In Italy, families prepare la cena, large dinners with plates of food and open bottles of wine scattered on a long table.

The power of a shared meal underpins every culture around the world. And it can teach us a lot.

Start with good ingredients, grown organically, hand picked, and prepared with care and attention. From there, every meal is a chance to laugh, to share emotion, and to enjoy each other’s company. In fact, there is a moment where any meal can transform from a collection of people eating to a euphoric experience of social connection.

Let’s discover how.


Funky Fungi

Mushrooms are one of the most widely consumed foods on the planet. 

Traces of edible mushrooms have been found on nearly every continent, from the ancient Aztec cultures of Mexico to the remote shamans of frozen Siberia. The Roman empire considered them so tasty, they employed troops of men to source and taste mushrooms for the royal kitchen (making sure they were safe to eat, too).

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Shawn Bankston

Dynamic energy. Bright plates. Intimate atmosphere. A meal at Clown Bar is as charming as it is vibrant. It is our favorite Natural Wine bar in Paris.

The room is a small café fashioned into a wine bar. Nothing fancy: 10 tables arranged around a cramped room with a short, wooden bar for a few extra seats.

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Shawn Bankston
Season and Spice

Nature is bountiful. It gives us raw ingredients — the building blocks for delicious meals. Crispy romaine to toss in a salad, earthy mushrooms to sautée for an omelette, juicy tomatoes for your caprese.

But, what do you do with them? How do you make them taste good?

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Shawn Bankston