A Matter of Taste




Imagine an orchestra. Violins, flutes, cellos, trumpets - countless different instruments converge to create music. When they play a beautiful melody, they attain cohesion, flow, and harmony between all parts.

Life is the same. We have many instruments that play a part: our professional pursuits, our personal relationships, our ever evolving diets, our stuffed wardrobes, our connections to family and friends, our neighbors and local community. To live well is to achieve a practiced state of harmony amongst all these things.

Perhaps meditation calms you, time outdoors grounds you, physical exertion energizes you, art inspires you, quality time with loved ones brings you joy.  

A good life is harmony in everything. Let’s discover how.


Finding Silence


You have within you a depth of peace that transcends the ups and downs of the material world. You carry that stillness with you wherever you go, and you can never lose it. But, your mind, busy and analytical as it is, can cover up your innate calm.

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Shawn Bankston
The Elegance of Simple Living

There is nothing more magnificent than a simple life.

Our modern world offers endless distractions: products, services, advertisements, TV shows, social media, fashion, news, politics. These demands for your attention deprive you of clarity. At the end of each day, don’t you feel overwhelmed from all the news and notifications?

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Shawn Bankston