A Matter of Taste
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At dry farm wines everything is
a matter of taste

I have been obsessed with taste ever since I was a young boy cooking with my grandmother, Gladys. Standing on a chair, I would prop myself against the kitchen counter, clutching the side of a bowl. She was so soulfully connected to taste and I was so eager to understand and create.

My journey with everything taste has been the center of passion, obsession, and joy in my life. And as I became an adult, I also became obsessed with health and wellness, and what it means to live well. This was the foundation of everything that defines Dry Farm Wines and how we think about our contributions in the world today. We want to leave a legacy of making the world a more joyful, light filled and loving experience around the celebration of taste.

It’s why we only accept the highest standards of farming, fermentation requirements, and winemaking practices anywhere in the world. It’s why we are fanatical in our ongoing pursuit of the most honest and pure natural wines grown all around the globe. Every wine we drink must be family farmed, organically or biodynamically grown, non-irrigated, fermented with wild native yeast, low in alcohol, mold free, chemical free, non-GMO, additive free, sugar free, and lab tested by us for absolute purity.

But to us, none of this matters unless the wine thrills in taste. Every wine we drink must express spirit and soul, an eternal energy that is the honest expression of its place and the love from the family that cared so closely for its vines. Every natural family farm we know has such a deep commitment to this honesty. The wines they grow have a story to tell, and they tell it with authenticity and grace.

Even beyond wine and food, we all experience taste in many ways. A room can capture us from its scale, thoughtful design, and beauty. Furniture imparts energy to the room’s inhabitants. Art captures our soul and heart. Architecture imprints us with an emotion as we linger with it. A photo tastefully captured, a meal tastefully prepared - taste makes us feel something. It moves us. It is energy.

We believe taste in its purest form is Nature. The terra. The fertile living soils of mother Earth that give life to such marvelous shades of green and vibrant glory. Vines bear fruit next to a running river. These beautiful life forces have elegance and power. They are an emotion; they create natural beauty.

We hope A Matter of Taste will lead you on a journey, sharing a part of the story of who we are, what we believe, and the values we are committed to. We hope you will share our ideas of a more natural way of life with someone you love, helping us to better become the change we want to see in the world.

We wish you an inspired and love filled life. And, we hope you feel how deeply we appreciate and honor the trust you invest in us to curate these honest, soulful wines that are the truest expression of nature and love.

With all my love and deepest gratitude for joining us in this journey of craft and joy,


Todd White
Founder, Dry Farm Wines